In the realm of men’s skincare, achieving a radiant and healthy complexion is not merely a goal; it’s a journey. The basics of a skincare routine go beyond a splash of water and a generic moisturizer. It’s about understanding your skin’s unique needs and providing it with the care it deserves. In this guide, we delve into the intricacies of a comprehensive men’s skincare routine, ensuring you’re equipped with the knowledge to elevate your grooming game.

Step 1: Understand Your Skin Type

Recognizing and comprehending your skin’s unique characteristics stands as the primary and pivotal stage in our skincare manual. This step aids in selecting products precisely tailored to your individual needs. Your skin typically falls into one of the following categories:

  • Normal skin
  • Oily skin
  • Dry skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Combination skin 

Elevating Your Grooming Game: A Comprehensive Guide to Men's Skincare Routine


Step 2: Cleansing

Cleansing lays the foundation for an effective skincare routine. It is recommended to cleanse twice a day using a good facewash for men, once in the morning and once during nighttime before bed. Additionally, if you are into exercising it is necessary to wash your face after finishing your workout to remove all the sweat and dirt from your skin. Our Fair and Handsome Instant Radiance Facewash and 100% Oil Clear Instant Radiance Facewash are not just ordinary cleansers; they are crafted to address specific concerns.

Instant Radiance Facewash: Beyond the surface level clean, it washes away fine pollutants, leaving your skin refreshed. The key player here is Propeptide, seamlessly fading dark spots and acting as a stalwart against pollutants. In this step, the emphasis is on achieving instant radiance while ensuring your skin stays free from impurities.


Oil Clear Facewash: With the dynamic duo of 2% salicylic acid, it offers more than just a routine cleanse. Its prowess extends to reducing pimples by up to 43%, preventing new breakouts, and tackling blackheads. Elevate your cleanse by embracing the all-day oil-free look, promoting a clear and vibrant complexion.

100% oil clear instant radiance face wash

Step 3: Exfoliating

Exfoliation is the step that is often skipped by many but is a secret weapon in achieving smoother and brighter skin. Depending upon your skin type, use a suitable exfoliator or scrub around 1-2 times a week after you wash your face (preferably in the evening to provide your skin with the overnight rest it needs post-exfoliation). It gives your skin a deep clean by removing excess dirt, oil, build-up and dead skin cells preventing acne breakout.



Step 4: Moisturizing

Moisturizing is often overlooked, but it plays a pivotal role in maintaining skin health.  It not only keeps your skin hydrated but also helps build the skin barrier. It is suggested you use a good face moisturizer for men twice a day after cleansing during your morning and evening skincare regimen. Make sure to incorporate sun protection into this phase and shield your skin from harmful UV rays. Our Fair And Handsome Long Lasting Radiance Cream is your go-to companion in this step. While ensuring up to 7 hours of a brighter look, it also promises up to 2X dark spot reduction, delivering visible radiance in just one week.

Fair And Handsome Long Lasting Radiance Cream


Step 5: Additional Steps

Cleansers, Exfoliators and Moisturizers may be the three essential pillars of a skincare routine but that’s nowhere near the end of it. There are a variety of other products such as Face Masks, Facial Serums, Shaving Balms, Eye Creams and more that one might incorporate into their routine.

Cleansers, Exfoliators and Moisturizers - Fair And Handsome

In your skincare journey, every step matters. Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated if you simply understand your skin’s requirements and consistently work towards replenishing it. Fair and Handsome is not just a brand; it’s a commitment to your skin’s well-being. With a focus on detailed benefits and a commitment to excellence, our products are tailored to meet the unique needs of men’s skin. Elevate your grooming routine and embark on this transformative journey with Fair and Handsome – where skincare meets sophistication.